Declares that We will Adhere to Compliance

In February 2009, the KTI Kawada Group specified "Creation of a safe and comfortable living environment" as its group vision and shifted to a holding system with Kawada Technologies, Inc. as the core. In doing so, we stipulated compliance as one of the action guidelines for achieving the vision.

At the start of the 21st century, companies are exposed to unrelenting competition due to the waves of changes in the market structure and the globalization of the economy. While being pressed to change, stable growth is required as their mission. However, we cannot tolerate management results and compliance under any circumstances. Without fulfilling their responsibilities as corporate citizens, companies cannot develop.

The KTI Kawada Group declares that we will adhere to compliance without wavering, even in the shifting corporate environment. To this end, we will establish the Compliance Charter, which is ratified by each of the KTI Kawada Group companies.

This Compliance Charter shows us the management attitude of the KTI Kawada Group toward society, and in a setting of corporate activities that are becoming complicated and fast-paced, how to judge what is right and wrong and how to deal with issues accurately. It is more than the individual judgment of each of us. I am confident that this practice will lead to our growth as a company.

Compliance is not only a matter for some employees. All the executives and employees of the KTI Kawada Group are aware of compliance and are accumulating practices so that we can contribute to society by comprehensively fulfilling our philosophy.

Kawada Tadahiro

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