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Civil Engineering Software and ICT

3D CAD software V-nasClair

Our civil engineering and ICT solutions services, delivered by Kawada Technosystem, are tailored toward engineers, professionals, and firms in the construction industry who need effective solutions of complex engineering problems. Our broad selection of analysis, design, and CAD applications, contracted civil engineering design services, or corporate information and communications system development services, coupled with industry expertise, would serve to provide quality individualized solutions that meet customer expectations.

  • *Japanese only

Bridge Expansion Joints

KMA expansion joint system

KMA and KMS expansion joint systems, made of metal and rubber composites, are bridge and road assembly parts designed to secure safe traffic of vehicles and pedestrians, to absorb the heat-induced expansion and contraction as well as vibrations generated by traffic or earthquakes, and have gained a reputation for high quality and reliability.

  • *Japanese only

Helicopter Flight Services

Tokyo Inter-Islands Flights "Tokyo Ai-Land Shuttle"

Toho Air Service provides a wide variety of helicopter flight services, which range from scheduled commuter passenger flights, sightseeing tours, chartered flights, and medical and rescue flights, to construction-related lifting and transporting, and other customized projects.

Airplane Flight Services

Aircraft Dornier 228-212 NG

New Central Air Service provides a range of airplane flight services, including scheduled commuter passenger flights, sightseeing tours, and flight trainings.



Our HRP-Series, developed together with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), is a series of state-of-art life-sized humanoid biped robots, geared and developed to walk on two feet, stand up again on their own after falling flat, and perform several application tasks in cooperation with humans under various living and working environments.



NEXTAGE is a next-generation industrial robot system developed to work together with humans at production lines under manufacturing environments. The robot system has distinctive features such as low electricity consumption, compact body, position recognition, and easy installation, which enable high versatility, workability and safety.

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