Business Field

KTI Kawada Group is creating something extra for you in various business fields,
serving society through technology.

Steel Construction Segment

The main business contents are the design, manufacture, erection and installation of steel bridges and steel frames of buildings, and sales of steel products.
The main achievements are Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Tokyo Gate Bridge, Rainbow Bridge in steel bridges, and Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi Hills, etc. in steel frames of buildings.
As a production base, we are steadily producing and supplying steel structures and composite structures at three factories: the Toyama Plant, the Tochigi Plant and the Shikoku Plant of Kawada Industries.

Tokyo Gate Bridge Lower truss girder installation work record (Tokyo)

Civil Engineering Segment

The main business contents are PC bridges, pre-beam bridge design/production/erection/installation and bridge conservation construction contracting.
Bridges can be roughly divided into two types: steel and concrete. A pre-stressed concrete (PC) bridge is a type of concrete bridge that has the feature of increasing the load-carrying capacity by applying pre-stressing (compressive force) to concrete.
As a production base, we are steadily producing and supplying precast products at the Nasu and Kyushu plants of Kawada Construction.

Shin-Meishin Expressway Ninchoji Viaduct other 3 bridge construction (Osaka)

Architecture Segment

The main business contents are the design and construction contracting of general construction and domestic system buildings.
In general building/general construction, special buildings typified by Ushiku Daibutsu include hospitals, offices, multi-family houses, etc. In system buildings, we create production and logistics facilities that have large spaces with free design and few pillars. We also provide environmental products such as greening and geothermal heat pump systems.
Kawada Industries collectively refers to this building infrastructure as "KBS (Kawada Building System)" and responds to customers' needs.

Construction example of system buildings: Saga Factory, POLUS-TEC (Saga Prefecture)

Other Segment

The main business contents are as follows.
Kawada Technosystem develops and sells software, sells system equipment, analyzes the structure of bridges and designs/drafts.
Kyouryou Maintenance sells bridge attachments.
Toho Air Service and New Central Air Service are aircraft use business.
Kawada Robotics manufactures and sells next-generation industrial robots, etc., and develops, designs, sells and consults various machinery, computer systems and software.

NEXTAGE International robot exhibition 2015 demonstration video

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