Corporate Governance

Basic Stance on Corporate Governance

In an effort to achieve the sustainable growth of the Company and the Group while improving corporate value over the medium to long term, the Company continually strives to enhance and strengthen corporate governance that achieves transparency, fairness, prompt and decision-making.

The basic stance regarding our company's corporate governance is as follows.

  1. 1.Respect the rights of shareholders, and work on improving the environment in which shareholders can exercise their rights appropriately and securing substantial shareholder equality.
  2. 2.Consider the interests of various stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, local communities, business partners and employees, and work appropriately with these stakeholders.
  3. 3.Disclose company information in a timely and appropriate manner and ensure transparency.
  4. 4.We will endeavor to ensure the effectiveness of the supervision function of the execution of duties by the Board of Directors as the core holding company of the Group.
  5. 5.In an effort to achieve constructive dialogue with shareholders, we will work to improve the structure and gain an understanding of the structure of shareholders to promote constructive dialogue with shareholders.

Company Organization

The Company has a Board of Directors, a Board of Corporate Auditors, and an Accounting Auditor, and it operates with management and management audit functions. The Board of Directors is constituted in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation.

Internal Control System and Risk Management System

Based on the Company's Corporate Philosophy and Action Guidelines, the Company has established the basic internal control policy and a system to secure the appropriateness of operations within the KTI Kawada Group, which consists of companies and affiliated companies. We will ensure the effectiveness of internal control through its proper operation and contribute to the sound management of our company.

Corporate Governance Framework

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