Civil Engineering Segment

Pre-Stressed Concrete Bridges

Fudo Bridge (Gunma prefecture)

Pre-stressed concrete bridges, designed to overcome concrete's natural weakness in tension with pre-stressing tendons (generally of high tensile steel cable or rods), are widely common among bridge types for longer span requirements than ordinary reinforced concrete bridges nowadays. Our strong presence in the industry is backed up with the achievements of our past numerous complex pre-stressed concrete bridge projects including major cable-stayed bridge projects and extradosed bridge projects.

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Prebeam Bridges(Preflexion Beam Bridges)

Katsura Bridge (Oita prefecture)

Prebeam Bridge, composite bridge structure combined with the merits of steel structure and concrete structure, is now gaining popularity in the industry due to numerous merits such as lower girder height, adaptive flexibility in road alignment, and lighter weight, as embraced for more than 900 bridges.

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Bridge Repair and Maintenance

Tomei Expressway Mochimune Viaduct (Shizuoka prefecture)

A larger number of bridges built several decades ago in Japan are about to enter a phase that they need major repair or rehabilitation works to prolong their service life. With these repair and rehabilitation needs to increase further, our corporate resources are being distributed accordingly to develop bridge repair, maintenance, and upgrade technologies, and to embrace a variety of growing bridge repair and maintenance needs.


Continuous crossover project near Keikyu Kamata station (Tokyo)

This technology is designed to safely and rapidly construct a ramen-style railway crossing just above the business line using a half-precast member manufactured at a factory in a continuous three-dimensional crossing project implemented as "a sweep of a railroad crossing without an opening." This is what made it possible. It is a technology that can contribute to the creation of a safe, efficient country because it can eliminate the prolongation of the continuous three-dimensional crossing project without being influenced by the land acquisition process adjacent to the railroad.

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Precast Concrete Beams and Pillars

Precast Concrete Pillars

Our precast concrete products such as beams and pillars, with advantages over site casting of concrete, are manufactured in our strictly controlled plant, affording high quality assurance and speed-up construction on site. With the most comprehensive range of products, our sales efforts are directed toward numerous applications such as roads, railways, water and sewerage facilities, and commercial, industrial and government buildings.

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