Philosophy and Vision

KTI KAWADA Group Philosophy
(Management Philosophy of Kawada Technologies)

We, Kawada Technologies, follow the management philosophy "Creating a Safe, Comfortable, and Sustainable Society" of its foundation body, Kawada Industries, as the management philosophy of KTI KAWADA Group. We will operate the business in a wide range of areas including steel construction, civil engineering construction, and IT services, performing the mission, "Serving society through technology " which has been inherited since started.

Each one of us daringly challenges himself to meet the respective demands of society with technology, and move ahead as a corporation contributing to society through creation of the environment in which people can live safely and comfortably.

"KTI KAWADA Group Philosophy" is the foundation for decision making process in management of KTI KAWADA Group, and the spiritual pillar for all the Group employee, that is, the basic policy for activities. All enterprises of KTI KAWADA Group have their respective management philosophies based on each business purpose, "Group Enterprises Philosophy," however, contains all of those.

Each company of KTI KAWADA Group will esteem the respective enterprises' freedom and autonomy under "Group Philosophy," and create the synergy as a new group as well as maximize their respective creativity to realize the goal of progress in the corporate value of the whole Group.

Group Course of Action
(Policy for activities of Kawada Technologies)

Originality and Independence

We will try the world's first new technology with the minds of "originality" that we are free from common sense or convention, and "independence" that we yield to nobody. We will welcome rather than avoid technical arduousness and meet the demands of the world with distinguished technology.

High Quality and Customer Satisfaction

We place top priority on satisfying our customers by delivering high quality. For all customers including those purchasing or using the products and services, every employee will conduct himself from the viewpoint of customers to offer the quality which fulfills their high expectations.

Market Directivity and Globalization

We will provide technology and products which are demanded on the market and correspond with value of the market, regardless of nations or regions. Then, we will deliver the safe and comfortable living environment to people throughout the world.


Pursuant to our code of conduct in compliance, "Compliance Charter," we will perform honest actions in all aspects of operation of business activities according to the social ethics, not to mention complying with applicable laws and regulations.

Environmental Conservation

We promote the activities for environment conservation as part of the activities that corporations perform their social responsibilities. Taking the activities of business and environment conservation as a unit, we will continuously consider what we should do as a corporation and what each employee can do to tackle load reduction of the global environment.

Management Strategies

KTI revolves around KAWADA Industries, Inc. We will solve many challenges as KTI KAWADA Group and build the management system in which the total optimization of KTI KAWADA Group is quested to maximize the corporate value.

  • Acceleration of Management
  • Thoroughness of Governance
  • Fairness and Transparency of Management
  • Integration of Common Affairs
  • Reorganization of Businesses of KTI KAWADA Group
  • Business Alliance with Enterprises except KTI KAWADA Group
  • Realization of Finance Strategies of KTI KAWADA Group

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