Architecture Segment

General Construction

The Great Ushiku Amida Buddha (Ibaraki Prefecture)

Being an architecture, engineering and construction firm with a long history in tradition that spans over 35 years, we have accomplished our building achievements, which encompass a great deal of aesthetically pleasing architectural landmarks, fine condominiums, and high-rise office buildings in metropolitan areas as well as unique structures represented by the world's tallest bronze Buddha statue. With the social consciousness change for global warming issues, our endeavours are unrelenting to develop environmentally friendly structures and products for value added buildings.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Lohas Field , POLUS-TEC (Shiga Prefecture)

Characterized by low initial costs, design flexibility, lower interim costs, rapid construction, and accelerated occupancy, Kawada Building System (KBS) offers low-rise, non-residential pre-engineered metal buiding systems, coming with a complete package - initial investigations, planning, contracting, designing, construction, operation, and after-service.

Midori-chan(Roof-Top and Ground Planter System)

Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design(Toyama Prefecture)

Midori-chan is a revolutionary patented system designed to maximise vegetation growth and recycle waste, while dramatically minimising water usage by self-watering. This enveironmentally friendly planter system has been widely put into place in multifold projects, as demands of greener and cleaner communities has grown.


Nanto City Hall Fukuno administrative center (Toyama Prefecture)

GEOneo is an air conditioning system that effectively utilizes steady underground-source heat with a heat pump throughout the year. The GEOneo system is characterized by less emission of CO2 and exhaust heat, less electricity consumption, and less operating cost than conventional air conditioning systems.

  • *Japanese only


Joei No.2 Water tank (Yamanashi Prefecture)

"Eco-Tank" is a large-scale rainwater underground storage tank system to protect people's lives from torrential flood damages whilst protecting urban environments. The "Eco-Tank" system is composed of pre-cast concrete assemblies, affording rapid construction with pin structures for member connection, high adaptivity to various sizes with a combination of 2 span types of beams, and overall lower cost coupled with fewer columns for storage volume requirements.

  • *Japanese only

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