Corporate Profile

Main Business Planning and execution of medium-and long term management strategies for KTI KAWADA Group:provision of support for business.A strategy implementation by Group companies and management of business activies.
Establishment February, 2009
Main Office Tokyo Office
1-3-11 Takinogawa Kita-ku Tokyo 114-8563, Japan

Toyama Office
4610 Nojima Nanto City Toyama 939-1593, Japan
Board of Members President Tadahiro Kawada
Managing Director Satoru Watanabe
Director Takuya Kawada
Director Kensaku Miyata
Outside Director Takahisa Yamakawa
Outside Director Koichi Takakuwa

Director(Full-Time Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) Shinsuke Ito
Outside Director(Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) Shigeo Takagi
Outside Director(Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) Keiko Fukuchi

Capital 5,285,573,800yen (As of June 29, 2021)
Stock exchange listings The first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Fiscal year end 31th March
Number of Employees (consolidated) 2,338; (sole) 80 people
Main Financing Banks The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
MUFG Bank, Ltd.

As of June 29, 2021

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