Group Information

KTI Kawada Group

Kawada Industries, Inc.

Company Name Kawada Industries, Inc.
Establishment May,1922
President Tadahiro Kawada
Main Business
  • Design, fabrication,and construction of steel bridges, prebeam, steel sutuctures.
  • Design and construction of civil engineering buildings and pre-engineered metal building system buildings.
  • Design, manufacture, and installation of various machine devices.
  • Trade, broking, rental, and management of real estate.
  • Specified worker dispatching undertaking.
  • Any businesses and investments related or incidental to the preceding respective items.
Capital 9,601 million yen

Kawada Construction Co., Ltd.

Company Name Kawada Construction Co., Ltd.
(Japanese Only)
Establishment November, 1971
President Takuya Kawada
Main Business
  • Bridge construction (planning and construction of PC bridges and structures; design and construction of steel-concrete composit structures "prebeam" bridges; design and construction of superstructures (tank, etc.); cable erection of long-span suspension bridges; and stiffened girders).
  • Pre-casting (design, production, and construction of precast concrete; design, production, and installation of precast building units).
  • Public and Preservation works (maintenance and repair of bridges and constructs; landscaping works; other general civil engineering works).
Capital 1,669.25 million yen

Kawada Technosystem Co., Ltd.

Company Name Kawada Technosystem Co., Ltd.
(Japanese Only)
Establishment January, 1970
President Nagahiro Yamano
Main Business
  • Development and sales of ASP service.
  • Development and sales of construction industry-applied software (development and sales of analysis software, automated bridge designing and drafting software, as well as many other construction-related software.)
  • Analysis, design and Computer Aided Drawing of constructs including computer-driven bridges.
  • Development and sales of computer systems, hardware and software.
  • Planning, design and Analysis of construction business.
Capital 399 million yen

Kyouryou Maintenance, Inc.

Company Name Kyouryou Maintenance, Inc.
(Japanese Only)
Establishment April,1983
President Yoshihide Takata
Main Business
  • Sales and manufacture of expansion and contraction equipment for Bridge (quick drains, concrete-saver and spiral drainner, etc.)
Capital 93.5 million yen

Toho Air Service Co., Ltd.

Company Name Toho Air Service Co., Ltd.
Establishment July,1960
President Masayuki Udagawa
Main Business
  • Non-scheduled air transportation (passenger transpotation/commuter airline services, sight-seeing flight, chartered flight, operational flight for construction work, and rescue flight).
  • Aircraft opelator business (flight for agricultural splaying, flight for news brardcasting, reporting and gathering; flight for pollution investigation; flight for film and photo shoots;disaster relief and rescue, survey flight; flight for pilot training, etc.)
Capital 180 million yen

Fujimae Steel Co., Ltd.

Company Name Fujimae Steel Co., Ltd.
Establishment July,1986
President Shinichi Kawada
Main Business
  • Sales of steel materials, cast steel products, construction-related machinary and tools
Capital 10 million yen

New Central Air Service Co., Ltd.

Company Name New Central Air Service Co., Ltd.
Establishment December,1978
President Akira Nagahama
Main Business
  • Non-scheduled air transportation (passanger transpotation/commuter airline services, sightseeing flight, chartered flight).
  • Aircraft operator business (flight for film and photo shoots, servey flight, flight for pilot training).
  • Administration of airports
Capital 180 million yen

Kawada Robotics Corp.

Company Name Kawada Robotics Corp.
Establishment April, 2013
President Tadashi Shingai
Main Business
  • Manufactures and sells next-generation industrial robots, etc.
  • Development, design, sales, and consultation on various machines, computer systems, software.
Capital 540 million yen

Kawada Fablic Co., Ltd.

Company Name Kawada Fablic Co., Ltd.
Establishment March,2000
President Kazuo Kikuchi
Main Business
  • Processing of building steel structures.
  • Processing of general constructs.
Capital 10 million yen

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