The Valuable 500

【Kawada Technologies' Commitment】

President Kawada Tadahiro

Kawada Technologies positions the promotion of diversity as part of its management strategy, respects the individuality of each person, including employees with disabilities, and carries out various initiatives to realize an inclusive society.

Promotion of Diverse Human Resources

We will promote the creation of a workplace where all employees, regardless of disabilities, can respect each other and where diverse human resources can play an active role.

Solving social issues by utilizing the latest technology

We are participating in various initiatives in line with the philosophy of "The Valuable 500", including the Tele-Barista project, and are particularly focusing on initiatives to solve social issues faced by people with disabilities by utilizing the latest technology. We will continue to create new value together with various partners through activities that promote interaction among people with diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Proactive Information Dissemination

We will proactively disseminate our initiatives through social networking services and other means.

President Kawada Tadahiro

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